We provide technical support for repair, adjust, verifying and refurbish equipment in End of Life, and we use a list of know equipment. If you need that we study, repair and developt the prototocol for repairing a diferent equipment, we provide you a service called On demand.




    • Diagnostic technically a equipment is a process that uses resources, time of our engineers, electronic components and expensive electronic tools.
    • We will provide you a technical report that will help you decide, if your equipment is repairable, that will reduce cost for you, or if you must replace it by a new unit, in this case we will help you looking for original replacements or functional replacements.

    • We have established a standar price for this process if you accept this cost, it will be discounted from the final quotation, so it will not suppose a increment of cost.

    • Standar diagnostic cost per unit is:

      Diagnostic in our laboratory, each unit: 170,00€ (VAT not applied)

    • Download the On Demand FORM from this page, fill it completely and send it to us ( ) with the bank transfer receipt, and we will give you details for starting the diagnostic process.